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BARE just 9 ingredients
clinically proven dandruff control.

Introducing Head & Shoulders’ first ever anti-dandruff shampoo with only 9 ingredients. It’s sulfate free+, silicone free, and dye free, giving you clinically proven dandruff control.

+free from sulfated surfactants

Clinically Proven Dandruff Control Just 9 Ingredients

Like all Head & Shoulders formulas, BARE is formulated with clinically proven anti-dandruff active Zinc Pyrithione (aka ZPT) that goes deep in your scalp’s surface to control flakes and oil^ and ensure your scalp & hair are at its best. 
^washes away oil and flakes with regular use

Head & Shoulders scientists started from scratch to build a new dandruff shampoo made with minimal ingredients. It began with the formula, hardworking, high-quality ingredients were carefully selected to fill the 9 roles a dandruff shampoo needs. A single ingredient for each role, to ensure the formula delivers clinically proven dandruff control with minimal ingredients but still gets the job done.

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gentle on scalp skin.
dermatologically tested

  • Dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance

  • Clinically proven dandruff control with minimal ingredients


new ecobottle made
with 45% less plastic

It has been packaged in an Ecobottle that uses 45% less plastic vs. our 370 mL bottle.

As you would expect, it behaves a little differently to a regular shampoo bottle. Less plastic means our bottle is lightweight, easy to squeeze, and rollable for the last drop of dandruff protection.

HeadandShouldersAPPLY the shampoo on hair, lather then rinse
HeadandShouldersSqueeze AND roll for last drop
HeadandShouldersRECYCLE ME

dandruff shampoo for dry scalp and oily scalp

We have developed two minimal ingredients dandruff shampoo products in the BARE line-up to suit a range of scalp and hair types

BARE Pure Clean

Head & Shoulders BARE Pure Clean is designed for oil prone scalps, the formula leaves your scalp and hair squeaky clean, protecting you against dandruff.

BARE Soothing Hydration

Head & Shoulders BARE Soothing Hydration is designed to soothe your dry scalp and leave scalp and hair feeling clean and moisturised, protecting you against dandruff.