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We’re reducing the impact the world’s #1 shampoo has on the environment. Explore what we're doing to reduce waste and water and tackle the impact of manufacturing at Head & Shoulders.



At P&G, we’re working hard to reduce our consumption of water. We've made great progress too – we've already cut our water usage by 58%. And we’re looking to cut another 20% by 2020.

See how we’re reducing water use


Every month, millions of bottles of Head & Shoulders are made in factories around the world.

We’re focusing on tackling the impact of it by reducing carbon emissions, waste, water and energy.

See how we’re reducing the impact of manufacturing

Waste and recycling

We’re working hard to make more of our packaging recyclable, helping to send less waste to landfills.

Did you know, if we recycled every bottle of Head & Shoulders sold, the amount of plastic we’d recycle every year would weigh more than 5 African Elephants. That’s more than 24,500 tonnes.

Find out how we’re reducing waste

Palm oil

Across all P&G products, we’re unequivocally committed to zero deforestation in our palm supply chain. We've set out a plan to drive positive change and are working hard to reach our target by 2020 by using our innovation strength to drive positive change in the industry.

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Read about how we have made the worlds first recyclable shampoo bottle with our new bottle made from beach plastic.