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Shampoo labels can seem complicated – what do all those ingredients do? Find out what’s in your shampoo bottle and what it all does.

All shampoos contain water to blend together the other ingredients.

The amount of water also controls the consistency of the shampoo and helps it spread throughout the hair.

Your shampoo also contains cleansers and lathering agents to trap oil and dirt and let you easily rinse it away in the shower.

Other ingredients include stabilizers to keep the shampoo properly blended, preservatives to protect the shampoo and prevent microbial contamination, and thickeners to adjust the texture and consistency of the shampoo.

For a pleasant shower experience, colors, fragrances and plant extracts might also be added.

Head & Shoulders Green Apple Shampoo has a deliciously fresh scent that smells great in the shower, and sticks around long after you’ve washed your hair.

Most shampoos are designed for certain hair types or to treat specific problems. A shampoo meant for dry hair and scalp will have additional moisturizers, and a shampoo for an itchy scalp will contain soothing ingredients.

A shampoo designed to treat dandruff will contain one of a range of dandruff-fighting ingredients.

Head & Shoulders contains ZPT (pyrithione zinc). Its clinically-proven formula fight flakes better than typical anti-dandruff shampoos.¹

Head & Shoulders Instant Relief Shampoo helps to put an end to itchy scalp (associated with dandruff) fast – it contains tea tree essence and peppermint oil for an immediate cooling sensation you can really feel.

¹ vs. competitor shampoos with 1% pyrithione zinc

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