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If you’ve noticed your hair becoming greasier, you may need to treat it with a different shampoo to ensure you get the oil undercontrol.

Your hair can change at different periods of your life, or even when the weather changes.

If you’ve noticed your hair becoming greasier, it may be one or more of these causes.

Causes of greasy hair

  1. Hormonal changes – Puberty or other changes in hormones can contribute to overproduction of natural oils.

  2. Genetics – Above-average oil production may run in your family.

  3. The weather – As the weather gets hotter, we perspire more and this can cause scalp oils to spread down the hair fibres, making hair appear greasier.

  4. Product buildup – Styling products can cling to the hair and make it appear oily and limp.

How to get greasy hair under control

To get your hair back to a healthy balance, it needs to be treated with a shampoo designed to wash away grease without over-drying.

Our Instant Oil Control Shampoo is specially formulated for oily hair. With mango and citrus essence, the shampoo washes away trapped dirt and grease.

It leaves your hair dandruff free, ¹silky and smelling fantastic.

Tips to prevent greasy-looking hair:

  • maintain a diet rich in vegetables and fish

  • cut down on refined carbohydrates and saturated fats

  • wash frequently with a deep cleansing shampoo (at least 2x per week)

  • limit the use of “leave-on” hair products

  • don’t over-brush your hair (which may spread oil down hair fibres)

Try our Citrus Breeze Shampoo to remove grease and product buildup while leaving your hair clean, fresh and visibly flakefree.¹

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¹ visible flakes, with regular use