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Oily hair and scalp are really common, but frustrating, problems. However, it’s easy to solve greasy hair with a few simple steps.

The key to solving oily hair is to maintain good hair and scalp health, as well as to focus on your diet to make sure you’re eating the right foods.

Here are 4 ways to make it part of your daily regimen, to keep your hair looking and feeling smooth and silky:

  1. Wash at least four times per week – your body makes scalp oil all day and night, every day of the year. By washing your hair frequently, you can remove the oils that accumulate. In the summer or during periods of high humidity you may want to wash more often, as heat and sweat can spread scalp oil and make an oily hair problem worse.

  2. Choose a shampoo that deeply cleans both scalp and hair – your shampoo needs to take care of your scalp as well as your hair. Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze shampoo helps purify even scalp pores. It deeply cleans your scalp and hair to remove excess oil, while eliminating up to 94% of dandruff-causing microbes and irritants.

  3. Avoid excess sun exposure – your body reacts to sun exposure by sweating, which can spread scalp oil further down the hair strands, making an oily hair problem worse.

  4. Limit fat in your diet and avoid excess carbohydrates – we all know that unhealthy lifestyle choices, like poor diet and sleep, are bad for your overall health. Some studies have suggested that diets high in fat, or high in carbohydrates, can increase the production of skin oils. So to keep your scalp healthy, choose a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits and lean protein.

Looking for a shampoo to deal with oily hair or greasy hair? Try our Instant Oil Control shampoo as part of your daily routine. It’s alight weight formula with citrus essences that deeply cleans scalp pores and hair fibres of excess oil.

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