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When you’re buying a moisturizer, you probably have a favorite – you know what works and you use it time and time again. It’s no different with a dry scalp – here’s how to choose a tried and trusted moisturizing shampoo.

Stop dry scalp coming back
Yes, you can give your scalp a “quick fix” of moisture, but the best dry scalp treatment goes right to the heart of the problem. In a lot of cases, that’s dandruff.

Why dandruff is a sign of dry scalp

So choose an anti-dandruff shampoo – that way you’ll be tackling a cause of the problem, allowing your scalp time to heal without further damage.

Give your scalp some moisture
As well as treating your dry scalp in the long-term, you want to get immediate relief too – so choose a shampoo that delivers moisture straight to where it’s needed.

We’ve developed a range of shampoos to do just that. Our Dry Scalp Care Shampoo contains three moisturizers to deliver a deep hydration you can feel.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Unfortunately, you can’t “cure” dandruff – it’s what’s known as a recurring condition – so it will come back without regular treatment.

So to keep your scalp hydrated, you need to use Head & Shoulders every time you wash your hair. You can use it every day if you like (we recommend at least three times weekly for best results).

The pH-balanced formula is gentle on hair, even if it’s been colored or chemically treated, so you can be confident to use it every time you wash.

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