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Hats can protect you from the elements, show your team pride or help create a great look. Unfortunately, hats can also cause an uncomfortable scalp itch. Find out what causes it and how to stop the itching.

Scalp itch could be a sign of dandruff. That itchy sensation could indicate that the dandruff-causing microbe is thriving and breaking down oils on your scalp into irritating substances.

This whole process can be made worse by wearing a hat – the warm, humid microclimate created by wearing a hat allows this microbe to thrive, and could lead to a dandruff flare-up.

The itch might be particularly bad in winter if you wear a woolly hat that keeps your scalp warmer than usual.

Sweat can build up on the scalp and break down into substances that make the irritation even worse.

Preventing itch is easy
Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo not only washes away dirt, grease and sweat that can bother your scalp, but also protects your scalp from itch triggers in-between washes – even when you’re wearing your favorite hat.

Use it on a regular basis to protect yourself against dandruff and help keep the itch at bay.

Do you have sensitive skin?
If you’ve tried our itchy scalp shampoo and the problem hasn’t got any better, it could be caused by something other than dandruff –like your detergent.

Hats stay very close to the delicate skin on your scalp, so any irritants left on the material from washing could easily transfer to your skin and cause irritation.

Try changing to a gentler detergent and see if this helps.

It could even be the material itself that doesn’t agree with your skin. A particularly woolly or rough hat might cause friction with your skin and irritate your scalp.

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