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If you’ve got a dry scalp, styling your hair the wrong way can make it worse. We’re talking everything from brushing to blow-drying– find out how to style your hair without making a dry scalp worse.

Check your products
Some styling products could irritate a dry scalp – it all depends on what ingredients you’re sensitive to.

It’s often a case of trial and error
You can’t always know for sure how a certain product is going to affect your scalp, so you may need to try a few different things towork out what’s best for you.

Get rid of the buildup
Buildup can trap potentially irritating substances on the scalp. Over time, it might even break down into potentially irritatingsubstances, which can damage the scalp.

As the scalp’s outer layer becomes damaged, it further weakens the skin’s natural defenses, causing you to lose more essential moistureand further drying out the scalp.

So stop buildup from happening and use a deep cleaning shampoo at least once a week.

Follow with a conditioner to keep hair soft and hydrated.

Go “naked” every now and then
Let your hair go naked at least one day a week, more if possible. So that means no styling products at all – it will give your hair andscalp a rest from any stress from styling products.

Easy on the heat styling
Try to leave your hair to dry naturally. Heat from your hair dryer, curlers or straighteners can be very intense, andif you’re not careful, you could damage your scalp.

Use a lower heat setting and don’t hold the hairdryer too close to your scalp.

The same goes for straighteners, curlers and other heated styling tools. Take care when using them and try not to use them every day soyour hair and scalp don’t come under too much stress.

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