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Head & Shoulders Old Spice Fiji 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner, 370ML

  • Clinically proven: Clinically proven dandruff protection*
    *visible flakes; with regular use

  • Trusted brand: Canada’s #1 dandruff shampoo brand** and is Canada’s #1 choice of dermatologists†
    ** based on volume of sales
    † for personal use

  • One-two punch: Combines the dandruff-fighting power of Head and Shoulders and the tropical manly scent of Old Spice Fiji.

  • Paraben-free: Head and Shoulders OS Fiji 2in1 is paraben-free

Old Spice Fiji

Ever find yourself wanting to fight dandruff and smell better at the same time?

Get the best of both worlds with Head & Shoulders Old Spice Fiji Men’s Anti-Dandruff 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner. Our formula is gentle enough on hair for everyday use, but powerful enough to help fight the toughest flakes. Plus, it leaves your hair with the woody, tropical scent of Old Spice Fiji, for a double dose of heavenly smelling, dandruff-fighting confidence!

Our unique formula, with zinc pyrithione, delivers 7 healthy scalp and hair benefits:

  1. Calms itching+

  2. Relieves irritation+

  3. Reduces redness+

  4. Removes flakes*+^

  5. Fights dryness

  6. Controls oiliness^

  7. Beautiful hair

* visible flakes; with regular use
** based on volume of sales
+ associated with dandruff
^ washes away oil and flakes
++ use as directed
† for personal use