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We’ve all been there – you’re at airport security and you realize your must-have hair products are in your carry-on luggage and are about to be taken away by security. Don't be faced with a trip away without the products you need with our handy guide to travel hair care.

Go tiny for your travels
The easiest way to keep everything on you when traveling with hand luggage is to go small. We’re talking no more than 3 ounces or 100ml.

Most hair care products now come in handy travel sizes. Even Head & Shoulders – it’s now available in both 75ml and 90ml bottles. So you can still stay flake-free on the road.

DIY tiny sizes
If all your favorites are in large sizes, you can always create your own travel-sized options.

Many stores now sell empty plastic bottles under 100ml that you can simply fill with your favorite products before you go, put them in your carry-on luggage and you’ll have no problems. A tip to prevent leaks and spills as the bags are handled: before twisting on the cap, seal the bottle opening with a bit of plastic wrap. Just remove the wrap when you arrive at your destination.

Plan ahead with the right products
You might need different products where you’re going, particularly if the climate is different or you’re doing activities that could damage your hair.

At home you might be fine with a light conditioning shampoo, but when you go away to a humid climate you might need to use a more intensive frizz control shampoo. You may also find you need to add conditioner.

Heading to the sea or a poolside retreat?
Your hair could be damaged easily by chlorine or salt water. So take a damage rescue shampoo to use while you’re thereand you’ll mitigate the effects of any damage.

If your trip is going to be very active, you may find your hair and scalp need to be washed more than normal.

Learn some easy hairstyles
Why not take the opportunity to experiment with some new styles? After all, nobody at home is going to know, right?

Heading somewhere hot and humid? Try some updos or even create natural looking waves by braiding your hair or putting it in a loose bun when damp.

It’s a bit of experimentation, but at the same time will give your hair a welcome break from the stresses of styling tools and products.

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