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Greasy hair has a wide range of causes, and not all of them can be easily controlled. Find out what causes greasy hair and how to stop it.

What is greasy hair?
The terms “greasy” and “oily” usually refer to the amount of natural oil (sebum) that’s visible on the hair.

What makes your hair look greasy?
Your scalp is constantly producing sebum – it helps to keep your hair and scalp healthy, hydrated and moisturised. Sebum is quite sticky – it causes hair fibres to stick to each other and clump, instead of moving freely as individual fibres.

Some people naturally make more sebum than others do, which makes hair appear greasy faster. There are plenty of other factors at play too.

Some substances, like styling products, airborne dust or pollution, can build up on the hair and make it look even more dull and greasy.

Diet can be to blame as well: diets high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats can increase skin’s oil production.

While there’s no “cure” for greasy hair, you can easily keep it under control by using the right hair care products and washing frequently.

Our Instant Oil Control Shampoo is specially formulated to tackle excess oils for a deep clean you can feel straight away.

Or you could try Citrus Breeze Shampoo, which cleans deep and leaves you with a refreshed feeling that lasts. Plus, it starts to tackle dandruff and associated symptoms from the first wash.

Don’t let greasy or oily looking hair leave you feeling limp – keep it under control by using Head & Shoulders every time you wash your hair.

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