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An itchy scalp is often caused by dandruff, which needs to be treated by a shampoo that not only calms the scalp, but also helps keep itch from coming back.

There’s nothing worse than suffering from an itchy scalp. The uncontrollable urge to scratch is irritating and only temporarily relieves the itchy sensation.

What causes itch?
An itchy scalp is most commonly caused by dandruff. Dandruff irritates your scalp, which then sheds its outer layer rapidly in an attempt to get rid of the irritation.

This causes the symptoms of dandruff including:

  • flakes

  • tightness

  • dryness

  • redness

  • itchiness

An itchy scalp can be easily relieved with the right treatments both in and out of the shower.

Itchy scalp shampoo treatment
For a long-lasting solution, you should use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

The right itchy scalp shampoo needs to do 2 things:

1. tackle the root cause it must prevent dandruff from coming back

2. relieve the itch it should contain cooling ingredients like mint, tea tree or eucalyptus essences for immediate relief

Our Instant Relief Shampoo not only fights the symptoms of dandruff, but also contains cooling peppermint complex and tea tree essence to calm your itchy scalp.

The shampoo is pH balanced and gentle on hair, leaving it silky, beautiful and visibly flake-free.¹

More about itchy scalp

¹ visible flakes, with regular use

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