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Extreme heat damage can rob your hair and scalp of moisture, and can lead to scalp irritation and redness.

Believe it or not, your hair is highly sensitive to changes in the environment, like big fluctuations in humidity or extreme temperature. Heat damage can leave your hair looking dry and dull, and your scalp irritated.

There are two different types of heat that can cause damage to your scalp or hair – environmental and heat styling.

Environmental heat
We all know that the hot summer sun can cause sunburnt skin – especially on the surfaces facing it, like your unprotected scalp or shoulders.

Hotter temperatures raise the temperature of the scalp and cause you to sweat, creating the ideal environment for the dandruff-causing microbe, Malassezia globosa, to flourish.

Heat styling
Heat styling is a major culprit of dry and damaged hair. Using hair dryers on a high heat setting can dry out the scalp while the direct heat on wet hair can actually boil the water molecules inside the hair strands.

This causes a phenomenon known as “bubble hair,” which is visible under a microscope.

The bubble that forms permanently deforms the hair, making it much more fragile and more likely to break off in the future.

How to treat heat damaged hair
To combat dryness, you can treat your hair and scalp with a moisturizing anti-dandruff shampoo. Our Damage Rescue Shampoo is a great option that moisturizes and conditions your hair and scalp.

The special formula works to help relieve your dry scalp and restore smoothness to your damaged hair, leaving it silky and hydrated.

The shampoo has been proven to reduce breakage¹, ensuring your hair is strong and visibly dandruff free.²

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¹vs. non-conditioning shampoo

²visible flakes with regular use