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Find out why dandruff causes scalp itch and how to treat the condition quickly and effectively.

Causes of an itchy scalp
Itchy scalps can cause great aggravation, leading to uncontrollable scratching. But did you know an itchy scalp is a common symptom of dandruff? It affects around 50% of the world’s population too.

Dandruff begins with irritation on your scalp, which then sheds its outer layer to try to get rid of it. The irritation also causes your scalp to itch.

How to get relief from an itchy scalp
Itchiness is a problem you want solved quickly. To effectively treat scalp itch, you need to look for solutions that:

  • provide fast-acting relief from irritation

  • instantly calm scalp itching with cooling ingredients like peppermint or eucalyptus

  • tackle the root cause of the itchy scalp by getting rid of dandruff